• Natural Thrusting Vibe

Symbol: 42-05974570000
Średnica zewnętrzna 3,0 - 4,0
szt. Do przechowalni
Cena przesyłki 14.5
Paczkomaty InPost 14.5
Kurier Inpost 15
Kurier DPD 15
Dostępność Mało
Waga 0.57 kg
Passionately thrusts over and over again!
A thrusting vibrator in a realistic penis shape with a strong suction cup that sticks to any smooth surface. The suction cup makes hands-free fun possible. The 7 vibration modes and 5 thrusting modes can be controlled separately via the remote control or by a partner. The vibrator remembers the last vibration mode that was used before it was turned off, thanks to its clever memory function, and it starts on this vibration mode when it is turned on again. The thrusting and vibrating pleasure-giver is covered in soft silicone which feels great against the skin. It can be recharged with the included USB cable. Includes a battery (23A) for the remote control.

Complete length 21 to 24 cm. Insertion depth 15.5 to 18.5 cm. O 3 cm to 4 cm. Silicone, PU.
Informacje o produkcie
Materiał Silikon, PU
Całkowita długość 21,0 - 24,0
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